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October 7, 2014


Too busy biting to bark.

Wanted: Rowing Coach


rowing book

To learn about Assault on Lake Casitas, click  on the gold medal.

To purchase Assault on Lake Casitas, from Amazon, click  on the book's cover below.

Wanted: Rowing Coach


A few years back I took a job coaching the men's crew at U.C. Santa Barbara. That, as it turned out, was a Class 7 mistake. Click above or below to learn more.

A Fine Balance


97-minute rowing documentary on DVD


The subject of my documentary is the U.S. men's 8-oared crew that competed in the 2000 Sydney Olympics. Click below to learn more.

Lido for Time: 14:39


If you liked Assault, you might be interested in Lido for Time: 14:39. Click above or below to learn more.

Lido for Time: 14:39


rowing book

This is my latest book and might even be my best ever. Click any photo to find out more.

Storming on the Deep Blue Sea


sailing adventure book

The Last Car

in the Parking Lot


Sierra's adventure hiking book



This is my favorite all-time literary work. Click left or right to find out more.

Walking Towards Thunder

Demon Bean

 - the great coffee war of Pacific Palisades -

The Idiot Years

Confessions of a Grinder



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